Fic Update: Absolution (Dumbledore)

Title: Absolution
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, cameos by Aberforth, Snape, and Harry
Rating: PG
Length: 2,200 words
Summary: You don’t expect forgiveness. You do the best you can, always, but you of all people know that it will never be enough.
Warnings: DH spoilers, angst

A/N: Everything belongs to JK Rowling, of course. Quotes from canon are paraphrased or from memory.

This is for omniocular 's August challenge. I had prompt #18. Strayed from it a bit, but it fits the challenge regardless.

The timeline isn’t linear, so don’t get confused thinking that it is.

Betaed by the wonderful lunamorgaine , to whom I owe many thanks.

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Ficlet-ish Thing: Remembrance (Harry)

Title: Remembrance (Never the Truth)
Author: teaspensieve 
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore
Pairing: None
Rating: Everyone

Summary: What history remembers is never the whole truth, and in the case of history's heroes, there may be no truth at all. (Written pre-DH, so no spoilers)

A/N: I wrote this in my English class last September, and I've been sitting on it since then. It came out of me thinking about how a history of the war would read to someone who lived through it, particularly how someone who knew Harry would react to reading a biography of the "Boy Who Lived." The narrarator in the story is inconsequential; I have no one particular in mind, so don't ask. ;)

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Pride and Prejudice Icons

Hello everyone!

Since Sunday is my day off at geek camp, I was bored and I finished my batch of 75 Pride and Prejudice icons. You know the rules: comment and credit if you can. The screencaps are all my own. I post my screencaps on Photobucket. My screencap gallery is under the username ReverdyBrune. I don't have many up now, but I'll add eventually. The read-only password is mellon. Thanks guys. Enjoy!

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