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Remus-centric Fic Recs

Okay, this has been a long time in coming. I have an obnoxious number of fics stored in my memories. It's time to rec some of them. I'll be posting rec lists every once in awhile. So...

This first one is in honor of my dear (and evil) friend elf_of_doriath  because it's all her fault that I'm now a Remus/Sirius shipper.

The Remus Fic Rec-list

EDIT 8-20-07: I've added new fics at the bottom of the list. Also, the summarys are now going to be whatever the author posted, because I'm lazy.


All the links are text taken from the story. Saves me the trouble of thinking up clever links. Also, these are in no particular order.

Ttile: How We Remember
Author: srichard 

Remus talks to Luna about her grades. She's been having some trouble. It's an interesting fic. Unique perspective. I'm fond of Luna and Remus, so there you are.

(Five years later, when the war had ended and Remus returned to Hogwarts once more as a teacher, he found his office empty save for one thing.)

Title: Beginnings of the Order
Author: such_heights 

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I like reading different author's ideas about how the Order started. It's something I've always wondered about. This one is nicely quiet and somber and quintessentially Remus.

(‘I can’t, Remus.’ His voice was so monotone, so un-Peter, and Remus realised he was horrendously out of his depth.)

Title: A Marauder's Map
Author: xylodemon 

This is a characteristic Maruder fic, but it's one of my favorites. It's actually Sirius-centric, but there's enough of Remus for it to be included. It's also Remus/Sirius, so... Anyway, it's basically just a few snapshots of the Marauders at Hogwarts.

("She died already," Peter says, wringing his hands. James and Sirius are upset that Remus has been lying to them this whole time, but Peter is upset that they might be right. "May of first year, and again this October.")

Title: Get There From Here
Author: la_onza 

An interesting take on Remus' acceptance to Hogwarts. McGonagall goes to speak to his mother, who doesn't want to let her werewolf son go to school.

(But from parents who had attended Hogwarts in their day, such a brief, vague, yet unambiguous letter advising the school not to expect their child in September – that was a poser.)

Title: Come, Fates (I Fear You Not)
Author: rian219 

This fic gets me every time. I recommend a box of tissues. Looking at old photographs, Harry and Remus share their quiet hurt. It's painfully melancholy, and both Remus and Harry are wonderfully in-character.

(Remus saw so much of his parents in him, not just James but Lily too, such a mix of them that it made Remus ache for them that they never got a chance to see what he'd be like, to see their hopes for him come to fruition.)

Ttitle: We That Are Left (Grow Old and Remember)
Author: rian219 

I do love fics with Harry and Remus. Yes. In this one, Remus sees Harry for the first time in twelve years, and it brings back some painful memories. It's also a tearjerker. rian219  is good at those, it seems.

(Remus paused. "One of you should wake him, of course. Someone he knows." Someone he remembers.)

Title: The Whole of the Moon
Author: minervacat 

This one is AU as of HBP, and it says a great deal that I'm reccing it anyway. Harry's grief over Sirius' death threatens to burn the house down, while Remus' threatens to freeze it. Gah. I really am a sucker for angsty Remus and Harry bonding. *sigh*

(Harry was burning up his anger, and if Remus woke to flames licking at his face one night, the anger and grief of a schoolboy raging out of control, he did not know if he would even then be warm.)

Title: Crawling in the Dark
Author: lupinslittlesis 

Remus is a spy for the Order and gets to know Sirius' brother. It's a unique premise, but the writing is good and Remus is very in-character.

("If Voldemort wins, there won't be a Sirius to go with. He'll be dead.")

Title: Two Wizards, One Gift, and a Duck-Billed Platypus
Author: sheafrotherdon 

Remus/Sirius, and hilarious. Remus and Sirius go shopping for Harry's Christmas gift at a muggle toy store. Chaos ensues. I love love love this fic. It's great to cheer you up. (Until you read the sequels, that is. See below.)

(By the time Remus found him, Sirius was sitting cross-legged beside a tiny pink table, pretending to drink tea out of tiny pink teacups.)

Ttile: Light Amid Darkness
Author: sheafrotherdon 

This is a companion to Two Wizards, One Gift, and a Duck-Billed Platypus (above). It's short and sweet, with a hint of melancholy because we know what happens next.

(“I confess I’d imagined you’d be rather more pleased to see me than this,” said Remus.)

Title: One Werewolf, One Boy, and a Ghost
Author: sheafrotherdon 

A sad, sad sequel to Two Wizards, One Gift and a Duck-Billed Platypus which also falls into my beloved category of Harry-and-Remus centric angst. It's very short, but worth the read. *sniff*

(“Did you . . . did he . . . “ Harry paused, awkwardly. “Were there good Christmases?”)

Title: An Encounter by Candlelight
Author: a_t_rain 

Post-war, Remus goes back to teach at Hogwarts and has an unexpected encounter with a student. It's a bittersweet fic, but poignant. I love Remus' quiet voice in this, hurt, but hopeful.

(Most of all, he remembered three dead boys and one who still lived, but who had been changed almost past recognition.)

Title: Bitterroot
Author: ignipes 

One author's take on Remus' job offer for the DADA position.

(He crumpled the newspaper into a ball and shoved it into his pocket, then picked up the bottles and walked back to the camp, toward the fire, through the cool, dark woods.)

Title: Hereafter
Author: winding_path 

Over the years, Remus has burned the things that remind him of things he doesn't need help remembering. It's quite angsty and sad. Poor doomed Remus.

(He doesn’t need a photograph to remember the way James’ hair stood out in an untidy mess. He doesn’t need the letter congratulating him to remember how proud he was of being named a prefect.)

Title: On the Turning Away
Author: noldo_ 

Remus finds out that James, Lily, and Peter are dead, and Sirius is in Azkaban for betraying them all. Very sad, of course.

(When he sees Dumbledore's face, he knows that it is not, and he buries his head in his hands. Dead, then. Three dead and one as good as dead and one left watching.)

Title: Professor R.J. Lupin
Author: such_heights 

I like the way the Maruders are portrayed in this fic. In it, they guess early on that Remus would become a professor, and so when their friendship is shattered, Remus abandons the idea. But when Sirius escapes, he has to reconsider. It forces you to remember what it must have been like for him to go back to Hogwarts again. He's not a Gryffindor for nothing.

(The idea had first developed towards the end of Seventh Year, during one of their many lengthy discussions about what they were going to do ‘when it’s over’, their tagline for the end of the war that was rapidly becoming synonymous with everything good in the world.)

Title: The Secret Language of Cats
Author: thistlerose 

This is a unique fic featuring young Remus, his great-grandmother, and some interesting history.

(Then suddenly she drew back and it sounded to Remus as though something had got itself stuck in her throat. He turned around quickly, and was utterly shattered by the sight of his great-grandmother crying.)

Title: Tripped
Author: nieded 

Angsty. Big time. Remus was at breaking point after Sirius died. Dumbledore was the last straw.

(They come in pairs, two people, their deaths somehow related. Except of course Dumbledore, but Remus patiently waits for the other shoe to drop.)

Title: For the Good of Wizard-kind
Author: gunderpants 

If you haven't read Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, this probably won't make any sense. Anyway, it's a silly fic featuring Remus proposing a rather radical idea.

(It worries me very greatly that the majority of respondents to my letter (November 12, 1991) thought I was being serious, despite many obvious signs to the contrary.)

Title: A Photograph of a Boy
Author: secondsilk 

Remus has to go through Sirius' things for evidence of his treachery. It's obviously angsty, as Remus still thinks Sirius is a traitor, and can't really make sense of what has happened. Very sad.

(Dumbledore sends Remus alone to Sirius’s flat to search his things.)

NEW FICS (8-20-07)

Title: The Repo Man
Author: gunderpants 

Remus Lupin's exit from Hogwarts is momentarily held up as he gets dragged into moonlighting as a repo man for Luna Lovegood.

"I can't make you do anything, actually. Honestly, you'd think they'd teach you about double negatives in Ravenclaw--" He stopped himself: his mood had been terrible for the past twenty-four hours, not helped by a rather rough transformation, but taking his ire out on a student was beyond reproach.

Title: All Hallows' Eve
Author: ladybracknell 

It’s Halloween at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, and two friends sit down and observe an old All Hallows’ custom, helping to lay some ghosts to rest.

Sirius loved Harry. It was written all over his face every time he held him in his arms. That Sirius would leave him without parents seemed so…. There wasn’t even a word for it.

Title: hollow, like lines
Author: dollsome 

The fact remains that she is miserable and he is empty and there is nothing left to lose.

He will lose – he feels it in his bones, he knows with utter certainty, and yet the fight drags on.

Title: Angering for Life
Author: kitestringer 

Sirius and Buckbeak are gone; Remus looks at what's left.

‘I need to get out of here,’ he said into the distance, and where ‘here’ was and to whom he was speaking wasn’t entirely clear, and you were afraid to ask.

Title: Cigarettes Will Kill You
Author: jamesly 

"I thought you didn’t smoke, says Sirius, his cigarette dancing a delicate balance between his fingertips." Loads of conversation and not loads of angst or sap. :)

Because I know you, says Sirius, I know you’ll ask why I left and how is it so bad that I can’t go back and look at this mess, now what are you going to do, where are you going to stay?

Title: Found You For The First Time
Author: merrilily 

How Remus and Sirius didn't get together. (this one's my summary ~ Tea)

But Remus always came back from Fenrir exhausted, and Sirius couldn’t stop being angry, and there were always other people there, watching both of them, measuring both of them.

Title: The Shores of the Sea
Author: such_heights 

Remus comes to meet Sirius by the sea before he finally leaves for the fugitive life.

Oh for God's sake. Sirius, I've been reduced to talking to myself for years, please change back.

Title: A Thousand Tiny Disasters
Author: floweringjudas 

Small reminders of huge personalities that seemed to occupy worlds, to him - now confined to thoughts, shared memories with a shrinking handful of survivors. Set one week after events in the Department of Mysteries in OotP.

Trust Sirius (Sirius, you bastard) to return to Hogwarts the same year Remus did.

Title: Dear Alastor
Author: Anonymous @ hp_summergen 

“I’ve had a letter from Professor Lupin about this class,” says Moody in GoF. This is the letter.

In addition, all six classes have been subjected to an impromptu lesson on how to recognize and kill werewolves, courtesy of one of my colleagues; however, only one student seems to have fully mastered the first part of this lesson, and fortunately for me, she did not take the second part to heart.

Title: And When I Have Lost Everything I Will Remember This
Author: paperclipbitch 

Eight ficlets. Bits and pieces of Remus’ life that JK hinted at but didn’t write.

And Dumbledore, empathetic bastard, came up with a way that means Remus can attend, and now he is here, with a trunk full of books and robes and things, and everyone else is busy making friends while he attempts to sink into the upholstery and simply not exist.

Title: Here Comes the Sun
Author: such_heights 

Remus has been in St Mungo's since Voldemort's defeat.

On November 2nd, 1981, Albus Dumbledore had one last task to perform. He broke into an unassuming flat on a quiet street, there to find a man collapsed on the kitchen floor, with eyes almost as glassy as death.

Title: Long Memories
Author: shimotsuki 

Once Remus finally braves the Hogwarts staffroom, the transition from student to teacher is easier than he expected.

"If you like," Minerva had said at dinner in the Great Hall, "bring your essays down to the staffroom tonight." She had smiled—no, grinned—at him. "On Thursday nights most of us mark papers together, over tea and biscuits and a bit of gossip. It's an old Hogwarts tradition."

Title: Requiescat
Author: tehangst 

Six scenes from Deathly Hallows, Remus-style.

Remus kisses his wife, and drowns.

Title: Secret Moon
Author: klynie1 

Eleven-year-old Remus Lupin is determined to make it through Hogwarts one moon at a time. Tonight's the first.

Potter pushed his glasses up on his nose and looked at Remus critically. "Black's right, you know. Lupin, you look dreadful."

Title: Writ
Author: cedarlibrarian 

For two years, Sirius has been in Azkaban, but it is Remus who feels imprisoned and isolated.

Or maybe, a twisted voice whispers in his mind, I'm the reason James and Peter are dead, because I'm the one that didn't believe Peter in the first place.

Well, there you have it folks. I hope you enjoy.

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